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phone: 303-733-0300 | Western Slope Colorado | Ouray
phone: 303-733-0300 | Western Slope Colorado | Ouray

free nonprofit web design

Say What? Free website design?

gretadesign cares about her Southwest / Western Slope Colorado community and wants to give back to it.

Three times a year gretadesign is happy to design a basic / simple 4 page website for a Western Slope Colorado 501(c)(3) Organization for *FREE!

*Free design service only max design time is 12 hrs.  There are no hard deadlines, but in all likely hood your site should be wrapped up in 2 months max once all content is received. Given my paying work load allows for the work around time.

Project Roles & Responsibilities: 

All your pay for is any cost associated with account; website templates, hosting, domain, SEO or additional website forms apps etc.

All websites are designed economically using Wix website templates. You can chose to host your site with or you can host it on your existing server you won your site and Wix sites can easily be updated by it’s owners; blogs, calendars etc.  Please view the different price plans here All orgs must create there own account (please do not do this until we have a signed agreement that I will be designing your non profit’s  website) Most popular monthly subscription is only $14.00

gretadesign provides the design of a basic 4 page website and 4 free stock images via

There are no hard deadlines, but in all likely hood your site should be wrapped up in 2-3 months time once all content is received.

Basic website content your mission, goals, about sections etc. are all supplied to gretadesign from your organization. Gretadesign will organize your content, provide input and some word smithing with your approval to make sure your message is received in an assessable manner on a website platform.

Organizations I loved to help: Anything to do with Animals, Arts, Children, Crisis Centers, Education, Environment, Dark Skys, Financial Aid, Gardening, Farming, Feeding, housing, clothing those in need, Grant Writing, Health Care, Hiking, Legal Aid, Music, Teens, Trail Maintance, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Veterans, Water usage, Woman’s Rights, Utility Assistance Programs, etc.
Religious or Political:  Sorry but I prefer not to get involved either subject.

If you are interested and want to discuss your nonprofit’s website please send me an email via my contact page. Thank you look forward to connecting with you.